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Quadra RX

Quadra RX

Today I received my Elinchrom Quadra Ranger RX. For those of you who dont exactly know what that is – just know that you should be suitably pleased and impressed 🙂

The Quadra Ranger is a portable lighting system. In short it provides studio quality lights – and the use of modifiers – on ‘on location’ shoots. So it lets me ‘unplug’ my lights and take them anywhere I please. They weigh considerably less then I expected – but they are also not as ‘solid’ as I expected. I guess that that is the trade off between weight versus durability. I just need to remember not to throw them off the side of a cliff – not that I expect any cliff hanger type shoots in the near future – but you never do know.

I was asked from a fellow ‘tog why I wasnt getting the Quadra’s bigger brother the ‘Ranger RX’. Apart from being more expensive, the Ranger RX is more powerful. The Quadra is 400WS where as the Ranger is 1100WS. I did consider the Ranger RX, and I had used it previously on a few workshops which I attended – but the benefits of the bigger Ranger also lead to some of its disadvantages. Put simply – its more powerful, heavier and more expensive – they are the trade offs. The Ranger is one hell of a lighting system – and has the ability to overpower the sun – very useful when shooting glamour style photography. So why didnt I get it? After all – all of that power must be a benefit right?

The reasons why one person would opt for the Ranger over the Quadra were actually those why I chose not to get the Ranger and rather get its smaller brother. First of all lets deal with the major difference, that of power. Im not sure that I need the 1100WS power of the Ranger (these words may come back to haunt me!) – but I just dont think I need all of that grunt. Do I really need to over power the sun? Not on a regular basis – when I do need to do it I believe from the research I have done that the Quadra can still do it – with the right modifiers – like a beauty dish. Plus, photography comes down to style. Whilst part of my style of shooting include high contrast images – something which the high power of the Ranger would assist me with; I also like to use wider apertures which generally means that I dont need as powerful flash units. The other differences (apart from price – which did assist in swaying me) are the weight of the systems. The Quadra – given its smaller size and power means that its quite a lot lighter then the larger Ranger RX. Whilst this may not bother some people – it was a deciding factor for me. And finally – the Quadra’s ability to use its modelling lamps for an extended period and its natural colour balance allows it to double as a video light – and its this which was a major factor for me – as I do use my Canon 5D Mark II as a HD video camera.

I havent had a lot of time to play with my new toy yet though – but in due course I hope to post some sample shots and provide a more comprehensive review.

  1. Jack C09-16-10


    So perty, when we can try? 😀

    Also the website is looking really good! Has come together very nicely 🙂 Theme is nice, as well as the clickables!

    Time to playmore.

  2. Robert Gjessing09-16-10

    Thanks mate.. still need to add some images to the Galleries and I have some back posting to do. Yep Im looking forward to giving the Rangers a work out..

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