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Metronomy - Manning Bar Sydney Uni - 5th January 2012

Metronomy is an outfit from the UK – you probably havent heard of them – but you should.  They are what I would best describe as smooth pop – think Grace Jones but for the 2011’s.  Originally formed in 1999 – so they have been around for a while – they provide a mix of smooth electronic pop classics.  You know what – their music speaks for themselves, so look here “The Look” and also here “The Bay” or even here “She Wants”.  Tonight sees me photographing for Live Guide again at a venue I hadnt been to before – The Manning Bar in Sydney Uni.  Its quite a good venue – its small and raised, so from a photographers point of view its excellent – no photo pit though – but given its size its not really needed.  I almost didnt go to this show on the night, I had put a request in to photograph this show about a month or so ago and I never received confirmation back that I had been granted the photo pass.  Emails and phone calls to Live Guide went unanswered – closed for the Xmas period I assume, so I settled myself into bed for the night when I considered that how close I lived to the venue I may as well turn up anyway and see if my name was on the guest list.  And if it wasnt, I had concluded that I would purchase a ticket to see the band anyway – as I do quite like their blend of smooth pop.

So I turned up at the venue – made a new friend in the car park – who I lent six dollars to which was subsequently paid back to me by her friend (long story!) in exchange for her showing me the way to the venue.  When I approached the door I declared who I was – with camera bag in hand – and that I was ‘shooting for live guide’.  The lady on the door spent a good minute looking over the guest list (which I couldnt see) before she said “Ok” and stamped my hand allowing me to enter.  Im still unsure if I was on the guest list or whether she was too embarrassed to ask me to repeat my name or advise me that I wasnt actually on the list – eitherway, I gained entry and proceeded with my shoot!  So all up Im glad I dragged myself out of what I had considered was going to be a night laying in bed watching movies to finally see the band.

As with any band photography – and I wonder why I do it – the lighting was awful – come on I know it should be expected.. though the band (which I already knew from seeing videos and previous photos) all donned lights on their chests which gave off some stunning ambient lighting for me – what a photographers dream – nice soft lighting!  I also managed to use my Canon 135mm f2 for this shoot – which I dont usually use.  So that was a nice bonus.  Anyway, as they say – a picture paints a thousand words – so enjoy!

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