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Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky
Explosions in the Sky - Metro Theatre - 11th December 2011

Again shooting for Live Guide sees me at Sydney’s Metro Theatre photographing “Explosions in the Sky”.  Explosions hail from Texas in the US of A and interestingly – there is no lead singer.  You see they are an instrumental outfit.  Typical rock set up – drums, bass and guitars; in fact three electric guitars.  And as I said, no singer or vocalist.  I knew I was in for a treat when I collected my photo pass at the box office.  As a photographer you are normally advised “First three songs.  No flash.”  Meaning exactly that.  You can photograph for the first three songs and are not allowed to use any flash.  They didnt say that for this gig.  I got a “First 15 minutes and no flash.”  Explosions songs dont follow the 4 minutes pop will eat itself format, its all about instrumentation and its not unusual for their songs to go longer then the standard 4 minutes.  So the “first 15 minutes” was quite appropriate.

I wouldnt call myself a fan of the band, only because I dont know a lot of their work.  But!  What I have heard I do like!  Fellow photographing friend Jack (‘outside in pixels’ fame) originally got me onto the band.. he had sent me a few links to some of their material on youtube previously (look them up!) and was quite bummed when he couldnt attend the show himself due to a wedding shoot that he was previously booked into.  So these photos are for you Jack my friend.  Enjoy!

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