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Simple Plan

Simple Plan
Simple Plan - Enmore Theatre - 1st October 2011

What is there not to say about this gig?

The thing about concert photography is that often you don’t really know that you are photographing a band until a few days – or if you are lucky a week – before the actual show.  You put in requests to shoot weeks or even months before the show, but you don’t usually get confirmation until just before the show.  So there is always a sense of excitement in the few days between confirmation to shoot and the actual show itself.   I’m not a huge Simple Plan fan, I have liked some of the songs that they have released but I don’t own any of their material.  But boy was I impressed.

Having the standard “three” song rule for photographers meant that I was only at the show for a little while but I walked away impressed.  There was a great deal of energy going on there!  You will notice that many of the photos I captured have the band members appearing to be levitating – one of the songs they played was titled “Jump” (I think!) and well; that’s what they did during the song.  Jump, jump, jumped.

The other thing which will stay in my mind about this show was the crowd.  I have been to concerts before where the crowd has gone wild and has been loud.  But I haven’t ever been at front of house in the photographers pit when the crowd has been like that.  Talking with one of the security at the front I joked that he was in for a busy night as they struggled to keep the crowd under control.  Water was handed out and poured down into the open mouths of young teenagers who were being squashed at the very front.  For the 20 or 30 minutes that I was there two girls fainted and were pulled out by security.  It. was. electric.

It was even crowded in the photographers pit.  Usually there are 3 or 4 photographers at a show, but there appeared to be double that at this one which meant that there wasn’t a lot of room to move so my shots were restricted to one side of the stage – lucky for me the band were energetic and moved to all areas of the stage.  Anyway, enough of my rambling, as usual, a picture tells a thousand words as they say.  Hope I was able to capture the energy of the band and the crowd.

  1. Rowina10-14-11

    Had a sticky beak – great snaps there Mr Gjessing.
    Picture #29 is brilliant 🙂

  2. Robert Gjessing10-14-11

    Thanks Rowina.. 🙂

  3. Brianna10-22-11

    Looking at these pictures is bringing back all the memories from that night. Thank you so much, these pictures are fabulous 🙂 And you most definitely captured the energy of the crowd and band
    Thank you!!!

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