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Jesus Jones at the Palace Theatre Melbourne

Jesus Jones at the Palace Theatre Melbourne
Jesus Jones - Palace Theatre (Melbourne) - 20th August 2011

Jesus Jones!  Wow!  Simply Wow!   When I heard that the band were getting back on the road and first stop was going to be Australia I knew I just had to get a photo pass to see them.  Which is exactly what I did – and my travels took me all the way to Melbourne’s Palace Theatre to shoot them.  I could have photographed them in Sydney, but I have found when you photograph a gig you dont really remember much of the show as you are too focused (excuse the pun) on getting good shots to remember or enjoy the show.  Jesus Jones being one of my all time favourite bands meant that I really wanted to be able to enjoy the show too.  So I simply to see them twice.  Once in Sydney with a good mate of mine, and then once in Melbourne where – as I said – I had the opportunity to photograph the show.

Being a Sydney based photographer, it was the first time that I had been to The Palace Theatre in Melbourne – and what a great venue!  If you have an opportunity to see a band there then I highly recommend it.  I know follow photographer and Melbournite Nick Pringle sees bands there quite a lot.

Now onto the show.  And what a great show it was.  The first time I saw the band was with a very good friend of mine, it was 1989 in Sydney’s Marquee Club (which incidentally is now a music store).  We often went to see bands together and would read the local music rag to see who was touring.  My friend said that Jesus Jones were touring – I hadnt heard of any of their music, my mate had heard Info Freako and all of the press were raving about them.  So we figured we should go and see what they were all about.  It was the first time that I had ever been to see a band where I didnt know any of their music – so I didnt really know what to expect.  Needless to say I was blown away.  Never have I seen such a live performance – the raw energy from both the band and the crowd was incredible.  I had seen them several more times over the years, with the last being in 1991 I think.

That was 1989/91, this was 2011.  Could I or should I expect the same again?

I shouldnt have expected the same – after all, it was 20 years ago.  But it was just like it was 1991 again.  In fact lead singer Mike Edwards declared “welcome to our 1993 tour” – making reference to the fact that it had been a while – but in so many ways nothing had changed.  The raw energy from the band sure hadnt changed – I dont know where they get it from – half a dozen red bulls before the show? But every song was non stop – the energy from the band was again incredible and it really was as if it was 1993.  A truly amazing show – both in Sydney and Melbourne.   The band did hint that they would be back – lets hope its not another 20 years.

Here are my photographs from the Melbourne show.

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