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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

The tools of the trade. Every tradesman has their tools. For me its a Canon 5D Mark II body supported by various Canon lenses + one Tamron lens. Like any trade each tool has a specific purpose – the same can be said for photography. Each lens has a specific purpose based upon its focal length and its speed (measured by aperture).

The lens I reach for when taking Glamour or Portrait photography is my trusty 85mm f1.2 – its considered by many as the best lens on the market for this style of photography – its just the right range (at 85mm) for portraiture and its large glass elements ensure contrasts, sharp and vibrant colours. On the other hand, the 85mm isnt going to help much when you are trying to capture a sprawling vista of a landscape. Its at those times that I grab the 14mm f2.8. This lens allows for a wider angle of view which ensures that more of the subject (hills, ocean, trees) fill the frame. So as you can see, different lenses are used for different purposes, zoom lenses can cover a range of focal lengths and therefore add some flexibility to the types of shots that can be taken with the one lens. But there are some trade offs in using some zoom lenses. Over time I hope to provide some reviews on the types of lenses that I use and why I use them.

As a photographer there is often a lot debate about what the ‘better’ brand is – whether its Nikon, Canon, Pentax or (insert your brand of choice here). Its all a personal choice though – no one brand and its supporting lenses are necessarily better then another, each has its own benefits and drawbacks and it really does come down to what camera you as a photographer are comfortable using. So why do I use Canon? No reason other then at some point – many years ago – I had to pick a brand and I chose Canon.

But you know what – there is an old saying, its not the size of your lens – its what you can do with it that matters!

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